Small Business Ideas – Getting Customers

We can all use some good small business ideas. As you start to think about different ideas for starting a small business, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is, “Can I find customers for this business”. It does not matter how good or how passionate you are at something, if you cannot find clients or get customers in the door, your business will probably not last long, no matter how good your other small business ideas are. Sadly, many people who start a small business don’t look for the answer to this question until they are losing money and wondering what went wrong.

So how does a person get customers or clients? As the owner of a computer consulting company I can tell you it is not as easy as you might think when you are doing your business plan. When I first started planning my business with my partner, we had lots of good ideas, we were told our business plan looked solid and we had high hopes of hiring lots of staff to help us with the large amount of work we would pull in. Sadly for us, the first 18 months were a struggle and nothing seemed to work out as we had planned. We finished our first year with a solid five-figure loss.

Luckily for us, my partner and I were stubborn and decided to get clients by thinking out of the box. We started looking for clients in unique ways. We came up with ideas where our service could be used. One idea was for multi-unit apartment owners to have cable internet installed and charge a bit extra for rent. An eight unit apartment building could have business grade internet installed for about $100 monthly. If the building owner could get five of the renters to agree to pay an extra $20 for internet he would break even and if 6 or 7 would go for it, he would make an additional profit each month. Almost everyone has a computer these days and regular broadband internet costs $40 and higher in our area. This was a great deal for the renters as they got very high-speed internet at half the price. It was a good fit for the building owner since he could make a few extra dollars of profit each month. Imagine how much profit the business owner could make if he had a 20 unit building? Now you are getting the idea, when you are coming up with your small business ideas, try to imagine both you and the customer coming out on top.

We started targeting real estate owners associations and made presentations to the building owners about this idea and the potential for profit. It didn’t take us long to get a few on board and even better, we also got a few service contracts for repairing the renters computers since we offered them a good discount. The moral of this story? Come up with ways where your product or service can be used and then target those groups and go to them. Don’t wait for business to come to you.

Small Business Ideas – The Good and the Bad

It is not enough to come up with small business ideas. You have to come up with ones that are viable. In other words, you need to bring something to the small business community that is workable. In order to understand this, let’s look at two classic examples of business ideas. One was good and one was really off the tracks.

Does anyone remember the Edsel car? This car was hardly a winner. In fact, it was considered one of the biggest “lemons” in car manufacturing history. Even in the planning stages, advisors kept noting that this was not a car that was going to do big business. There were even serious concerns that it would do any business at all. Mainly, the design of the car was loaded with flaws. It was also a large, gas-guzzling car debuting during a weak economy. Even the name given to the car “Edsel” was a loser. Yet, they trudged on in the marketplace and sales of the Edsel were a disaster. It simply was not a viable product. Ultimately, it was a $400,000,000 failure.

Now, consider the example of Federal Express which was one of the greatest small business ideas in history. Without a doubt, not only was the concept of Federal Express viable, there was huge demand in the market for such a concept. The United States Post Office did not offer overnight delivery. The concept was considered to absurd and unfeasible. Then, along can Federal Express in 1972. The company not only delivered on its promises of delivering when it “Absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” it did so effectively and inexpensively. Again, this was one of the greatest ideas of all time. Granted, it did not stay a small business for long. FedEx quickly grew into a multi-billion dollar company!

What is most striking to note here when comparing these two tales is their stark financial differences. Edsel could not succeed in the marketplace despite being backed by the weight of the multi-billion dollar Ford Motor Company. As previously mentioned, Federal Express derived from the world of small business ideas. It was launched by a small businessman named Fred Smith. Smith did not run Federal Express or any of his business out of a huge corporate office in 1972. Some may find this surprising, but like other small business ideas Smith originally devised FedEx from his home.

So, how could Smith succeed with such limited resources while Ford failed so miserably? How could Smith’s ideas trump the government’s ability to deliver mail? Like other good small business ideas, Smith produced a business model that was viable and need based. In other words, his ideas made sense. Additionally, there was an actual demand in the market for the product he was offering. With these two components working in his favor, it should come as no surprise that Smith’s small business ideas were a massive success.

The lesson to learn here is that all small business ideas must be viable for them to work. If not, they will not survive in a competitive marketplace. If, however, the ideas are feasible then the odds of success will increase.

Of course, viability alone will not yield immediate success with any small business ideas. Solid business plans, marketing strategies, capitalization, and time investments all play a vital role in turning those ideas into successful, realized businesses. However, all the planning, marketing, money, and labor in the world can not make ideas that aren’t viable successful. Keep that fact in mind when you brainstorm your small business ideas!

Good Small Business Ideas

In today’s challenging economy where do budding entrepreneurs look for business ideas and how do they do find success? What is meant by a small business varies widely around the world. Small businesses are normally privately owned corporations or partnerships with generally less than 50 employees. But if you are looking for good small business ideas, starting business with 50 employees may seem anything but small!

Good small business ideas are ideally suited to internet marketing because it can easily serve specialized niches, something that would have been more difficult prior to the internet revolution.

It is no secret that there has been a massive shift to people buying products and services online and this continues to grow which is good news for anyone doing business online.

Small businesses do not suffer equally in tough economic times; while some will be hit severely, other small businesses will only experience a slight dip and still others will actually prosper.

It is interesting to note that in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity. The new digital internet economy opens up infinite possibilities of good small business ideas. For some, this means crisis, for others, opportunity.

But how do businesses become a reality online? There are millions and millions of websites all fighting for attention and the only way to survive in the highly competitive online business world is be skilled on how to use it to your full advantage.

New online entrepreneurs need to learn how to set up and earn from their online businesses. To succeed good small business ideas need to have somebody who is willing to learn a new set of skills and be committed to success.

Good small business ideas on the internet

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable business ideas on the internet. Quite simply, you promote other people’s products and services and, when somebody buys something that you are promoting, you get paid a commission by the product owner. You do not have to worry about creating a product or service, dealing with the fulfilment or any customer queries.

There are so many different products and service which are available to promote, you are sure to find something that interests you.

ClickBank is a popular online marketplace where you can find products for your business ideas. It boasts a vast selection of ebooks, software and other digital goods, which are products that are downloaded over the internet and where the buyer has instant access. ClickBank contains thousands of products that you are free to promote as a ClickBank affiliate. The vast majority of ClickBank vendors pay a commission of between 50% and 75% on the sale price of their products. To put this into perspective, ClickBank has paid out over $2 billion in commissions in the last 10 years.

It is no secret that we are are currently in the longest depression since the 1920s. Unemployment remains uncomfortably high five years after the financial crisis and many of those in work have had to accept lower pay, part-time work and temporary contracts.

The time has come for many to stop depending or be satisfied with just one income from one job. Entrepreneurs with good small business ideas and who take those ideas to the internet to start generating a new income are ahead of the game. We are at the start of the digital internet revolution and those who take the time to learn the skills and techniques required to succeed online will reap the benefits.

Small Business Ideas From Home That Need Nothing Else, Except You!

Since the recent crash of the economy, a lot of companies have shut down, leaving thousands without income. Good thing there are small business ideas from home that almost anybody can absolutely take advantage of. As long as that person has the drive and the discipline to excel and earn big, there is always something he or she can do.

One of the great small business ideas from home is MLM or the network marketing business. Firstly, the internet remains a commodity that is shared by millions of people regardless of the state of the world market. Second, it remains free and inexpensive. These two are reasons enough why a person should take a crack at network marketing.

The business that is the MLM or networking requires little monetary capital. If you have a computer at home and a good internet connection, you can start your own empire virtually. You just need to join an online MLM company and then get started with prospecting and communicating. You don’t even have to spend money on advertisements and information dissemination because the internet has enough tools for a person to achieve all these.

MLM is not only a good small business idea from home but it is also a good way to help people get back on their feet. In networking, the important factor present there are PEOPLE. You need to help and give other people the opportunity to earn money in order to have a thriving MLM business. So, when these people or usually called your downline, make money, YOU MAKE MONEY. What does that translate to? Simple! Everybody is happy!

Another reason why you should consider network marketing is that it can open a whole lot of new doors for you when it comes to making money online. You can earn residual income from affiliate programs. You can start your own eBook on marketing or a certain idea, depending on your area of specialty. If you have in depth and extensive knowledge on a certain industry, you can be an online business consultant. Really, the sky is the limit for you.

Finally, MLM is one of the great small business ideas from home because the amount of success and income you can generate when you do it correctly is extraordinary. The cherry on top of all that icing is that you do not even have to go out of your house!